Who we are

A few fundamental points.

We are a group of activists fed up with the prevalent state of things. We cover a broad range of topics, be it racism, queer-feminism, homophobia or anti-fascism (yet ...). Besides that alternate ways of living and relationships, surveillance, lookism, politics of expulsion (i.e. of beggars) and more keep us busy. While our focus shifts regularly we try to consider how the various types of oppression are connected.

It's our aim to reveal steadiness and connections in our societies at large. Anti-fascism, to us, is a matter of course. But one has to look beyond mere anti-fascism and fight against the common (hetero-) sexism, homo- and transphobia. One has to fight racism and antisemitism that are present in the dominant mindset. One has to oppose the logic of exploitation and the idea of austerity. One has to resist the ever-increasing control of our everyday lives. Because if not what remains worth living for?

Our aim is not to improve Austria, our aim is to abolish Austria. Our idea is a society without nations, a society without governments. We reject the idea of nations and states together with their institutions.

Nobody is only oppressed. We all are oppressors, too, being involved in society. Thus it's crucial to reflect on our own role in society and we try to integrate this awareness in practice: Do we value looks and apparel? How do we plan demonstrations and direct actions? Who do we think has expertise and who does not? After all, knowledge is key - often to hierarchies.

Together we ponder how to oppose the lot. We organise demonstrations and events, write texts, produce stickers, do discussions and more. And with fun, at that!